Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super7 Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Review

My review on the new Super7 Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.
This thing is very impressive.

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How To Add Buckles To Your Power Ranger Helmets! Adding Clasps to 3D Printed Helmets! #powerrangers

How to add buckles to power ranger helmets has to be one of my most requested videos by far. I always get asked where i get my clasps from and how to add them in. When I do my 3D printed power ranger helmets I always add buckles because i love the season 1 mighty morphin power ranger helmets, the ones that use the zyuranger footage. So learning to add buckles was a must to these helmets!
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I waited 5 years for this Zeo Gold Cosplay… (Aniki Cosplay)

5 years in the making…should I find a new armor maker for the Zeo Gold Ranger, I will upload a review of that product. Until then, I am stuck with this but will make the most out of it.

It is possible that this was purposely shaped in this matter for an alternative design; similar to how the ranger/sentai tv series had a hero and stunt variation for the green ranger’s dragon shield but that’s not entirely clear on Aniki’s end…

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